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The year 2021 has produced great moments for us as a nation but one amazing experience which happened in the first half of the year that is worth celebrating by Nigerians youths as got to be the explosive academic achievement of Faith Odunsi and Yinka Banjo.

Faith Odunsi, 15, came out top in the global maths competition after beating students from China, UK, and US to the number one position
As the winner of the Global Open Mathematics competition, Odunsi excelled in all rounds of the competition and didn’t immediately think she would be announced the winner until she answered more questions than her competitors in the final round.

Victory Yinka-Banjo, 17, on the other hand recently received 19 full-ride scholarship offers from universities across the United States and Canada. According to admission documents and estimates of financial aid awards, it is said that she was offered more than $5 million dollars’ worth of scholarship money for an undergraduate program of study.

Yinka Banjo rose to national prominence in late 2020 after she scored straight A’s in her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Months earlier, the Nigerian teen had been rated as the “Top in the World” in English as a second language (speaking endorsement) by the University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE).
Nigeria is blessed with so much talent and it is high time we started making the most of what God has blessed us with, if we desire to see better days for the nation as a whole. Let’s once again take time to celebrate our youths Faith Odunsi and Victory Yinka Banjo who are blazing the trail and doing great things for themselves and the nation.

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