Founder and CEO: BodyLikeMilk

If perseverance had a synonym, cc would be it. Having experienced abject poverty and dropping out of nursing school due to lack of finances, Ogechukwu Obah’s dreams were close to shattered. However, through entrepreneurship, she was able to find meaning and money, because she was unable to afford basic skincare products, she decided to make her own with her last N1000 ($3).She packaged it and sold it to her first two clients in a small cup, for N2500 ($7).In a month, she ended up selling 50 cups of the cream. She expanded her range from just skin care products to facial, hair, makeup and fragrances, with the rise in demand, she soon started delivering her products outside of West Africa, including Dubai, Germany, the UK, Ireland, France and South Africa. In 2017, she also ran online training classes to teach other women about skincare manufacturing. Ogechukwu Obah’s has been nominated for over 10 awards. She received the Promising Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2018 award at The Next Titan Nigeria Top 18 Young Entrepreneurs Awards. “Our goal is to be one of the top 10 world-class skincare and cosmetics brands. [We want] to expand our training centers in Nigeria and Ghana, train and empower over 20,000 women by 2023,” she says.

Credit: Forbes

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