We live in a world where too many people are held down by various strong habits which have now become more of an addiction.

  1. PUT GOD FIRST : The first thing to note is that God’s help is ever available for you, so don’t go on this journey to defeating that habit on your own because it might be a very tiring journey, bring God into the picture, pray to God about that habit that is limiting your progress and your growth.
  2. SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM ANYTHING THAT TRIGGERS THAT BAD HAIT : Sit down and make a list of those things that triggers or push you into that habit, it could be the people around you or probably the movies you watch. You have to come up with those things and then set barriers against them. Note that every habit needs your cooperation to be an addiction, so it is your responsibility to put away everything that raises that urge within you.
  3. CREATE A NEW ENVIROMENT THAT BREEDS NEW HABITS: Nature abhors vacuum, so it is not enough to separate yourself from what triggers that bad habit but you will also have to replace them with new things that triggers you to do what is right, because your eye and ear has to see and hear something different for you to do things differently.
  4. DONT GIVE UP: The beauty of a journey is that you get to your final destination. The point is, you know what you want, so don’t stop until you attain it, that you fell back into the habit is no reason why you should give up. Keep pushing and never consider giving up as an option, because giving up doesn’t change people’s story. credit: joshua oshin

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