One simple way to form a new habit is through habit stacking, yes it is simple but a very effective method.

Sometimes last year I got a phone with a faster internet capacity and I immediately knew I had to get a new sim (4g) to make sure that I maximize the internet capacity of the phone.

Have you noticed that when you get a new cloth that’s when you are mostly prompted to get a new sneakers/shoes, earring or wristwatch to match the cloth perfectly.

Many human behaviors follow this cycle, you often decide what to do next based on what you have just finished doing, this shows that no action happens in isolation, each action becomes a trigger for the next action.

Then you can use this format to your own advantage by digging and identifying a habit you currently do every day and then attach the new habit you want to develop to it. For example, (Exercise) After I brush my teeth in the morning, I will go for my exercise, (Reading) After I wash my face in the morning, I will read 4 pages of the book (Learning) immediately I finish eating my lunch, I will spend 40 minutes upgrading my skills by either reading a blog post online or watch a YouTube video that teaches that skill.

What you are doing is making your current habit be the actual trigger for the new habit you desire to develop. You can further help yourself move faster by placing things that help you remember the new habit around the time you plan to do it.

So place your workout cloth by the side of the bed before going to sleep, immediately you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth you begin to exercise.

It is a simple rule; stack the new habit to a habit you currently do every day.

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