If we are to make a choice of the 2020 we desired, most people will not choose the one in which we find ourselves in right now. We can not deny that God has been faithful to us in the past few months which has been dominated by the pandemic but we can not also close our eyes to those that have been heavily affected by this global pandemic. Covid 19 on a global level has resulted in many losing their loved ones, some losing their jobs, major business collapsed, while some people are unable to provide for their families.
All over social media, we keep seeing news that makes this pandemic a controversy among people but regardless of all the controversy, humans being victimized by this global pandemic all over the world keep increasing daily.
Our heart ? therefore goes out to everyone out there whose life has become harder by reason of this pandemic, we pray that God mercy and favor find you in all you do and your struggles shall be turned into testimonies.
Credit Joshua Oshin

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