INTERVIEW: I was Always Reading – Olasubomi Olopade

Olasubomi Olopade graduated from Bowen University, with a first class degree in Law. In this interview with Oshin Joshua, He expresses his delight over the feat, his experience in Bowen University and vital secrets every student should engage in.

Have you been a person that loved reading growing up as child?

I am a very playful person but I always loved reading story books growing up as a kid.

It was even evident in my report card where my teachers would always write that ‘Subomi is brilliant but playful’ (he is brilliant but needs to reduce is play).

My mum even said when she came to school, she met me on the playground.

Not that I was doing badly during this playful time but my teacher’s saw that I could better.

Olasubomi Olopade bags first class in Bowen University

What are some of the challenges you faced as a student in Bowen University?

Not actually hitting the kind of grades I really wanted or the feeling of not being rewarded for the kind of effort I put into some courses. A particular lecturer once gave me ‘68 B’ in his course and his perspective was that having ‘B’ in his course is like having an ‘A’ and this definitely affected my results, after having a G.P.A of 4.8 in my first semester.

What reading style worked for you?

I read anytime, as long as I have food in my stomach. Because any time I read I get hungry and I don’t like reading when I am hungry.

Though in the morning is always fresher to read, when you are just waking up.

I am not much of a night reader, though when the need calls for it, I have to, probably when a test or an exam is coming up.

Some people believe that being in a relationship as an undergraduate is a distraction. What was your experience?


I was in a relationship in school but some people didn’t for some various reasons, but the key thing is actually having a purposeful relationship.

What is your advice for students both incoming ones and those already in school, on how to have excellent results?

Set a goal. When you set a goal everything is achievable.

My roommate will always tell you, I was always reading particularly in 100 level because I wanted to hit a very high C.G.P.A in my first semester

You must also Carry God with you everywhere you go, and lastly know your reading pattern and have friends (like minded friends).

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