There are seasons of life that comes with opportunities that should not be wasted and such seasons are the one we are currently in. If there is anything I have learnt from Covid 19, then it has to be that there is no security in a job as it has always be purported to us, as we have seen both people that earn in millions and thousands went months without receiving a dime from the organization they work with during the lockdown. The great aspect of this pandemic is that another set of people made more money that it would practically take them minimum 1-2 years to make in just 2-3 months of the lockdown.
The question is were they lucky ? (No), so why did they gain so much ?( They were already armed with various skills that could not be affected by any lockdown).
There is an open opportunity to everyone of us today to learn that skill we so much desired and admired, Don’t let this season pass and you practically remain the same way you went in, because you would have only yourself to blame.
Credit : Joshua oshin

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