Károly Takács was a top pistol shooter in Hungary. He dreamt of a place in the Hungarian Contingent for the 1936 Olympics, but as his fate would have it, he was denied a place in the contingent. The Hungarian law mandated that only commissioned officers can participate in these competitions; our hero was only a sergeant. In 1938, life threw a setback on him as his right hand which he uses in shooting was badly injured in a grenade attack and it seemed to look like the end of his career. Instead of giving up on his dreams to win a gold medal at the Olympics, he started training himself how to shoot again with his left hand and had a strong believe that he could achieve the same level of perfection with his left hand. And he did it!. He was well prepared for the Olympics in 1940 and boom the Olympics was suddenly cancelled because of the Second World War, which was another damage to his ambition. Then his time came. He represented Hungary in 1948 and 1952 Olympics where he won the gold medal in 25m Rapid fire pistol events. Whilst many in his situation would have quit the game when confronted with so many obstacles: His determination & his patience won him two golds, and a place in history. The question is, what is your excuse?. It is time to rise up and stop giving excuses, remember that you don’t have a century to fulfill destiny.

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