Meet Talented Nigerian Teenager Who Impressed Cardi B with are Art Work

The next time someone tells you that you are too young to make an impact, and start building that life you have always dreamt about, just look them in the face and tell them “that’s a big lie”.

Agali Deborah Chinomso (a.k.a debbie’s Art) is an 18 year old Nigerian teenager who hails from Delta state and currently studies Arts and design in Yaba college of technology, Lagos.

Sometime ago in late 2019, Debbie did a sketch charcoal work of the America’s top rapper, Cardi B.

Debbie, who is a big fan of Cardi B was all smile, seeing her dream of one day meeting with the rap star become a reality when she met her at Eko Hotel during the #ConvosWithCardi and formally presented her the framed art work.

She recounts that her interest in arts was developed at a very young age even though she was initially discouraged by her parents, who wished she studied Law or Mass Communication, but her unwavering passion for art saw that they had no option than to support her.

Debbies artistic works are currently Making waves on social media. She brings people to life through visual art, using pencil drawing technique.

She draws celebrities and people she idolizes in her art.

Her role models are Ayogu Kingsley, Arinze Chiamongwu (female artist) and Kelvin Okafor Arts.

Two Nigerian teenagers shock the world

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