Meet The 31 Year Old Adetola Nola, Founder And Ceo Of Veritasi Homes

Adetola Nola is the Founder and CEO of Veritasi Homes and Property Limited, a fast-rising real estate company, that provides real estate solutions cutting across property sales, real estate advisory services, land acquisition and property development. 

Nola is a Bachelor of Engineering degree holder in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He has not left anything to chance as regards improvement educationally as he is currently running an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) at the Metropolitan School of Business & Management, London.

He began as a real estate sales consultant with Grenadine Homes, where he recorded a plethora of successes in closing property deals. Every pie he puts his hands on becomes a done deal and his ingenuity won him a trip to Dubai while at Grenadine.

Nola also once sold shoes, and he was so good in it that a client felt he could also sell real estate, and there arose his interest in real estate. Nola had to sell off the machines used in shoe production, the generators, the car he used in delivering the shoes to customers and one other car they used for Uber to make money by the side.


In 2017, he founded his own company, Veritasi Homes, with just one staff – his secretary. But his style of leadership, rooted in eye for details and profits, the company has recorded over N2 billion in revenue in less than two years of operation.

Nola has also experienced a lot of disappointment in business as he even states that Veritasi Homes is his eight business. They once invested millions of naira on a property and eventually realized they had bought a very bad property.

The company has currently grown to boast of over 12,000 real estate consultants, 1300 Veritasi Realtors and 18 full-time staff. A magnificent leap by all standard.

Nola has been listed in the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Business class, 2019, Avance Media: 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians, 2020 and Business Day: Top 10 Entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020.

He has also been nominated for different awards including World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, 2020 and The Future Awards Africa, 2020

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