Uche Pedro is an award-winning Nigerian entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of BellaNaija, a media tech brand known for entertainment and lifestyle content. Uche was born and raised in Nigeria where she also finished her primary and secondary school education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada where she graduated with distinctionBellaNaija was founded in July 2006 and the idea for establishing BellaNaija came whilst she was studying at the university in Canada. She had always loved Nigeria and Africa, and each time she returned to the country for a holiday or on visits from school or work, she saw how everything in Nigeria was growing – the fashion was more vibrant, the entertainment was more vibrant, more young people were getting involved in politics, business and it was so encouraging. So she was inspired to start something that represented this exciting young vibe in the country; she began to blog about fashion and celebrity in Nigeria and BellaNaija was born. She started by scanning magazine articles, pictures and interviews of Nigerian fashion personalities and continued in a low profile way until her BellaNaija portal began to have over 1 million hits every month, at which time she unveiled the personality behind the portal to the media. Currently BellaNaija’s social footprint has grown through its collective brands –, BellaNaija Weddings and BellaNaija Style – to be the largest on the African continent with more than 200 million impressions each month.

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