Purpose Driven Personalities -Rinu Oduala

Rinu Oduala was among tens of thousands of young Nigerians, including many women, who made history with the protests that swept the country in October against police brutality. She was one of the first to take to the streets after a video went viral of a man allegedly being killed by the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad, sparking what became known as the EndSars demonstrations. She set up camp outside the Lagos governor’s office on 7 October, demanding the police unit be disbanded. As a media strategist, she knew how to rally people on social media to join her – organizing blankets for people who ended up sleeping outside the state government buildings for 72 hours before police attacked them. With her 172,000 Twitter followers, she is one of several women who have shaken the Nigerian establishment to its core over the last six weeks. Rinu was also one of the youth representatives on the panel set up in the wake of the EndSARS protests and months later she boldly stepped down from the panel when she reportedly said her views were not reflected on in the panel’s ruling as regards the return of the tollgate to the control of Lekki Concession Company (LCC). She openly declared that she will not be part of a cover up. In February of 2021 Rinu was honored by United Nations, as her face was on UN for peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet.

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