When You Speak Negative Things About Yourself, You Are Actually Cursing Your Future- Joel Osteen

Your words carry power, and it also gives life to the thoughts that flows in your heart.

Stop saying words like “I can never be break that addiction, I can never be wealthy, I can never defeat that sickness, I am not good enough”, because these words conform your life to that reality.

The point is, negative thoughts might sometimes flow through your mind, that is thoughts of limitation, thoughts of lack, might come to you, but don’t give it life by speaking it out, because something happens when you speak those words.

I had a friend in school who was one of the best in the sport team, he looked smart and very athletic, but was very negative, anytime he was asked “What is going on? He had an automatic response of nothing much, just growing old, fat and bald’.

I heard him say this almost about 500 times, 15 years later, I ran him into him at the mall and lo and behold my friend had already prophesied his future because he was fat, old and bald.

Wake up daily and stop giving life to negativity by speaking positively.

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