You Can Be Young And Yet Successful

Having a good idea is one thing, (in short everybody has one fantastic idea in his/her head) but turning that idea into reality which meets people needs is another ball game entirely, and this is where the real job is.

What I love about this guys is that they have shown us that we can be young and yet make impact.

Having people to look up to as you pursue yor own vision most times gives you that fire to keep going even though things are not really going as expected.

Jumoke Dada founded Taeillo, a furniture company, Evans Akanno is the Co-Founder of Cregital, Henrich Akomolafe is the group managing director of Akotexgroup, Damilola Olokesusi is the Co-Founder of Shuttlers, Odunayo Eweniyi Co-Founded Piggyvest and the beautiful Helen Chukwu is the Founder of Helen Couture.

I selected a few of this wonderful people that are really working hard and also showing me and every other youth out there that giving up on your dreams is not an option, these guys have become a very big motivation for many focused Nigerian youth, and all we can say is thank for not giving up, thank you for letting us know that you can be young and yet make impact.

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